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Esteemed researchers,

We are delighted to introduce the announcement of the I. International İstiklal Symposium, which seeks to make a scholarly contribution to the field of earthquake and space-related research. Kahramanmaraş Istiklal University, being among the institutions significantly impacted by the seismic event, intends to convene a symposium entitled "Earthquake and Space" during the dates of 06-08 February 2024. This symposium will be held at the epicenter of the 6 February earthquakes, coinciding with the anniversary of said seismic occurrence. The 1st International İstiklal Symposium aims to explore interdisciplinary studies pertaining to the correlation between earthquakes and the physical environment. Esteemed specialists in their respective professions have been invited to engage in discussions regarding the historical, current, and prospective aspects of this devastating phenomenon. The objective of the conference is to assess the sociological, psychological, and physical impacts, origins, and outcomes of earthquakes within a geographical framework, with the collaboration of eminent scholars in the field at both national and worldwide scales. The symposium welcomes papers from all disciplines listed, without any restrictions on topic matter. Special sessions on Earthquake and Space will feature presentations pertaining to studies conducted on earthquakes and space-related phenomena. It is with great pride that we extend our warm welcome to you for your presence in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, during the period of February 06-08, 2024.


Organizing Committee


Note for participants from Turkey: 1. International Istiklal Symposium provides the Associate Professorship Application Conditions, which were accepted on 15.06.2023 and will be valid as of March 2024.



  • Engineering and Natural Sciences

  • Architecture 

  • Design and Art

  • Education

  • Social Sciences

  • Health Sciences

  • Special topics about Earthquake and Space

  • Other

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Pierfrancesco Cacciola, PhD

Reader – Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Sustainability and Resilience Engineering Research Group Leader

"School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering University of Brighton Cockcroft Building Lewes Road BN2 4GJ United Kingdom"

Prof. Dr. William Arthur Mosier

Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Education Institute

"Istanbul Gelisim University & Medical Director/Child Development Specialist Iradem Merkiz Rehabilitation Center Istanbul, Turkey"